About us

Who we are?

We repair your bike with a home visit

  • Choose a problem to be fixed
  • Fill the address information
  • We reach you by a call to fix an appointment
  • You pay at home visit

Where are we located?

We are located near Munich Airport with our workshop with best tools and bicycle parts. 

Our goal and motivation: Your health and environment!

Our goal and motivation is to fix your bicycle so that you and your love ones can drive bicycle with pleasure. Bikes are not only one of the best tools for aerobic exercises but also one of the best way to keep your city air and environment clean. If they do not function well, they can hinder your motivation to drive them. Our goal to is empower the bicycle culture.

Select a repair service

We visit your home to fix your issue

Free shipment

We provide our service and shop products free of shipment costs. Thus, our pricings are best in the area.

Cash on delivery

You can pay for our home service and products by cash at home. Products can be bough from our online shop through safe Paypal payments.

Face to face working

Since we meet you in person, great communication is possible to figure out what exactly you want, which in turn provides great customer staisfaction.

Great customer service

Reach out to us through e-mail, phone, WhatsApp etc. We provide quick responses with our great connection with our customers and our team within.